Stop The Scammers

We will never ask for your recovery seed!

Security Advice | Safely Store Digital Assets Reading Stop The Scammers 1 minute

Phishing attacks are unfortunately an all too common threat when using the internet. 

Phishing attempts are targeting imKey customers.

Keep your recovery seed safe for the long-term security of your digital assets.

⚠️ We will never ask for your recovery seed!

Scammers, perhaps posing as imKey support team members on social media and chat forums, will try to persuade you to share your seed

Please also be aware of increasingly sophisticated phishing attacks (usually in the form of fake websites or emails that often appear legitimate) that aim to steal your security info (recover seed, PIN, passphrase, etc)

The following is our risk warning

  • Do not share your recovery seed with anyone else.
  • Do not keep digital copies of your recovery seed (this includes screenshots, photographs, emails, Dropbox backup etc).
  • We will never ask you to tell us your recovery seed, even if you're speaking with one of our customer support agents.
  • Never enter your recovery seed anywhere unless prompted by your imKey device.