What is the binding code?

What is the binding code?

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What is the binding code

The binding code is composed of 8 random numbers and letters, which is used to bind imKey and imToken clients one-to-one to prevent unauthorized clients from accessing imKey. Please make a proper backup so that you can re-bind imKey to use it later.

How to use the binding code

  • Unbound: During the first pairing process, imKey will display the binding code. Enter the binding code on the imToken client to complete the binding. It is recommended to copy and backup.
  • Bounded: Every time you change your mobile device, you need to enter the backup binding code to bind imKey. Resetting imKey will generate a new binding code, which needs to be backed up again.

How to view the binding code

  1. If imKey is not bound, you need to complete the binding process and properly back up the binding code.
  2. If imKey is bound, check the binding code that has been backed up, or open imToken Application> Me> Wallet Management> imKey Management> "Binding Code" (need to open and connect to imKey via Bluetooth).
  3. If you have deleted the original app/logged out/downloaded the app again/changed your phone, etc., you need to use the binding code to bind quickly. If you don’t remember the binding code, the binding code cannot be retrieved, but don’t worry, you can Regenerated.
      • 1. Please make sure that you have backed up the mnemonic phrase under the imKey hardware wallet address;
      • 2. Reset imKey;
      • 3. Use the backup mnemonic phrase to restore the wallet on imKey;
      • 4. Re-connect to the imToken via Bluetooth, and the binding code will be regenerated at this time;
      • 5. You can record the binding code or check the record before unbinding the phone, so entering the binding code when changing the phone will omit the above steps.
  4. If you are still unclear, please contact support@imkey.im