The Best Hardware Wallet To Store Your Crypto Assets.



Why Should I Use
A Hardware Wallet?


Assets are risky

  • Using exchanges may result in users being unable to get their crypto back.
  • Risks hacking, including viruses, malware, etc.

Go offline.
The safest way to
store crypto assets

  • Generate and store the private key offline.
  • Eliminate cyber threats.

'As the saying goes – “not your keys, not your wallet,” and so, you really do want to just keep in a cold wallet and not at an exchange.I would reaffirm that, if you have crypto, you should have it in a directly-accessible cold wallet.'

by Elon Musk Tesla CEO

imKey Famliy Pack


imKey Pro

With the highest level of security , with imKey you can buy, sell and transfer your cryptocurrencies anytime, anywhere.

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imKey HeirBOX S1

The most cost-effective mnemonic saver, waterproof, fireproof, anti-corrosion and completely offline storage of your mnemonics, isolating all potential risks.

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Leather Case

Wallet accessories, more convenient to carry imKey Pro with you, allowing you to enjoy a better product experience.

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Military Grade CC EAL6+
Security Chip

Private Keys Generated

Transaction Confirmed By Physical Button

Binding Code Supported

Unique SN Code

PIN Code Supported

What You See Is
What You Sign

Irreversible Seal

About imKey

More Secure For Your Crypto Assets.

Connect imToken, Easily Explore Web3

By pairing with imToken,
imKey can be used on your phones.

If you haven’t used imToken yet, download imToken first.


You can always restore control of your crypto assets with
an offline backup mnemonic phrase in just 5 minutes.

If imKey Is Damaged or Lost

•imKey has security settings such as binding code and PIN code, and there is no risk of direct theft of assets if the hardware is lost;
•If imKey is damaged or lost, you can use the offline backup mnemonic to restore asset management, and there is no risk of asset loss;

If imKey Goes Out of Business

•imKey is a decentralized wallet. Even if imKey stops operating, you can restore asset management through the mnemonic in any decentralized wallet that supports the BIP39 standard.

Offline Backup Mnemonic

•It is recommended that you use the secret mnemonic box (HeirBOX) for offline backup, which is waterproof and fireproof to ensure the safety of the mnemonic phrase;
•Tips: Never let anyone else know your mnemonic.

Here’s What People Say

I've been using the imKey Pro hardware wallet for a few years. It's safe and easy to use, and I can switch between different networks such as Ethereum, Bitcoin, Arbitrum, and Optimism with just one click. If you have been using imToken for a long time too, I strongly recommend you to use it together with imKey Pro to experience a comfortable and silky smooth experience.

John S.

Author Info.

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Analyzed. Reviewed. Endorsed by Experts.

Keep Your Crypto Safer, Right Now!

Easy to Done Within 5 minutes

Click to view the unboxing video, easy to use imKey.

Manage Your Private Keys Offline

Based on the security chip, the private key is generated and stored offline, which is more secure.

Connect imToken To Better Explore Blockchain

You can access all imToken services: transfer, trade your crypto assets, manage your NFTs, and a powerful DApp browser;

Don’t leave your coins in danger.

imKey, The Best Hardware Wallet To Store Your Crypto Assets.

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